This is a touchpoint and archive!
It serves to provide context, to say thank you to, and advocate for:

artists, designers, and creatives that have informed and altered the way that I work. They are out there doing their thing!


People + their ideas, themes, communities, schools of thought, ect that will not leave my mind this year

Renee Cuny’s boxes   ++++


Artists I’ve had direct conversations with + have experienced their work in person: 

Karina Rovira (photography, fine art)

Zara Bell (writing, printmaking / painting / collage, conceptual art)

Aliyah Salmon (collage, textile, text, multimedia)

Yong Chen (conceptual art, photography + time)

Tierney Krieder
(painting, ceramics)

Peyton Inoff (fashion, styling, multidiscipline)

Julia Mangione (textile, fashion, fine art)

Influenced by
/ those who I have not met but am none-the-less referencing because their ideas about information sharing and conversation appeal to me and personally feel worthy of further discussion.

Specifically, this writing is influenced by:

Caroline Woolards writes, “we, as artists need to learn to think organizationally in order to imagine how our artwork and ideas might circulate in the world, and to take action. I believe that we can work together as artists to create opportunities for ourselves and for one another”  - via her worksheet Projects, Platform, and Practices.

Gween Seemel explains the connection between art and language, and how the most efficient way we evolve conversations (and therefore ideas) is by sharing the use of symbols and methods of speaking.

Language Weavers (Auto recording between Francesca Capone, Martha Tuttle, and Sarah Zapata)
Francesca Capone published a book titled Language is Image, Paper, Code & Cloth, which is primarly composed of paragraphs and phrases gathered from other authors, but she is picking up amazing connections this way. All strung together, she is presents a strong and interesting theme that would not have been seen without her. She then includes poems by other authors and responds in the form of her own weavings. 

Check out Information as Material, a publishing house who in their words, “publishes work by artists who use extant material — selecting it and reframing it to generate new meanings — and who, in doing so, disrupt the existing order of things.”

Resources and Platforms:




Daniel Pinchbeck + Reggie Watts

AHNIKA WOOD,   Photography Credit: Karina Rovira, Shaye Garrigan