Skin is an organ, your room is a nest –

That chip in the wall, opens up another color, another container, a life your box (of a room) had before it was yours. Before it was a box it was breathable walls – beginning bones – pieces, trying to come together by guiding hands. Maybe skin came into contact, maybe contained inside the walls of this container there’s the oil (and salt of sweat) – seeped from skin. Maybe it means nothing – so far away – right there next to you. Maybe origins are everything –

maybe they are gone long after we hold onto them.


Starting with the body and moving backwards - 

A top down approach, a bottom up idea, “we follow an inverted pyramid hierarchy,” direct to consumer / customer. They flip-flop. Consistent inconsistencies. Wanting to be different. Doing the same thing over and over, new colors – conversations fostered. Trying to learn / forgetting / push and pull, passing the buck, forest through the trees – can you see? Over and over, starting with the body and moving forwards. Sleeping on the job, working while you sleep. Oiled gears, turning, internally. Internal transfers, cross-functional partners - 

we want to be different, new colors. 


Actions that cannot be imitated by technology - 

Those that can, decision-making is more often emotional than not / computers that feel, people who don’t – relatability. You and me – what is your attachment style? Dismissive avoidant. Cubical boundaries, customs, boarder customs, what is allowed in. we have policies about that. Do you know why? I am not sure. Attachment style. How to never break up with someone – never date – breaking up – bones. Wishbone. Which side is lucky? Which one are you? Dismissive avoidant?

I didn’t know how to respond, so I didn’t.

AHNIKA WOOD,   Photography Credit: Karina Rovira, Shaye Garrigan