Of the room and walls that hold you    - 

Like a gown, sinched on one side in bold lacework, red silk draping down. A precise gesture to hold the body - to hold the curiousity of other eyes    - 

Of waiting for a reply on a long phone call. A dear one’s silence far away. Untouchable    -

[When I was a child my mother was one of those parents who attached to me a literal cord she could hold as we walked around.] A massive heartstring given clear metaphor, real beyond whim or word     -

Tension in the mind does not easily escape time     -

Erotic questions; like being the one who is seen as different in a room of people who are all the same     -

The intensity of walking into and out of places that are “yours” and “not yours.” Am I welcome? whispering the hair on your arm, raised eyebrows at your entrance     -

That is my tension.
How might yours feel different?

AHNIKA WOOD,   Photography Credit: Karina Rovira, Shaye Garrigan